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This project work examined the influence of online advertising on product preference among tertiary institution students in Kogi State. Online advertising has succeeded in influencing students’ Product preference. The specific objectives of the study are: to ascertain the level of exposure of students to online advertising, to ascertain influence of online advertising on students product preference to examine the attitude of tertiary institution students towards online advertising, and know the possible inhibition students face in patronizing online products. The theories used are: Persuasion theory and Source Credibility Theory. This project work employed quantitative research design, and the methodological approach is survey. The instruments of data collection is questionnaire with a sample size of 202 respondents and interview was carried out as well and the sampling procedure is multi-stage sampling, and the method of data analysis is simple percentage and frequency tables. The work found out that students in Kogi State are exposed to online advertising, online advertising has great influence on student’s product preference in Kogi State and one of the factors that limit them is insecurity. The study concludes that, tertiary institution students in Kogi state are exposed to online advertising because they come across it always and that online advertising has great influence on their product preference. The study recommends that online advertising is a welcome idea which should be encouraged as it gives information about products, online is a platform where mass audience can be easily reached irrespective of the location of the market.



1.1 Background of the study

According to Latif & Abideen, (2011) as cited in Zain & Salman (2013 p.55), almost every one grows up in the world which is flooded with the mass media (Print and Broadcast), which consists of  television, radio, newspapers, films, videos, billboards, magazines, movies, music, and the internet. Of all marketing weapons, advertising is renowned for its long lasting impact on the minds of the audiences; as its exposure is much broader. The internet has become an on-going emerging source that tends to expand more and more. The growth of this particular media attracts the attention of advertisers as a more productive source to bring in consumers. A clear advantage consumers have with online advertisement is the control they have over the item, choosing whether to check it out or not.

Advertising is a subset of promotion mix which is one of the 4Ps in the marketing mix i.e. product, price, place and promotion. As a promotional strategy, advertising serve as a major tool in creating product awareness in the mind of a potential consumer to take eventual purchase decision. Advertising, sales promotion and public relations are mass-communication tools available to marketers.

According to Roberts, (1998) as cited in Zain & Salman (2013, p.58) Advertising through all mediums influence audiences, but internet is one of the strongest medium of advertising and due to its mass reach; it can influence not only the individual’s attitude, behaviour, life style, exposure and in the long run, even the culture of the country. Internet technology enables business and industry to grow at a faster pace, while simultaneously contributing to the economic development and at the same time serve as a reliable indicator of economic development.

Chan et al (2004, p. 17) says, the evolution of advertisement dates back into the ancient times. Societies used symbols, and pictorial signs to attract their product users. Over centuries, these elements were used for promotion of products. In the early ages, these were handmade and were produced at limited scale for promotions. Later on, this phenomenon used and gained strength more intensively for promotional purposes. Today, online advertising has become one of the major sources of communication tools between the manufacturer and the user of the products. Statistics revealed that the growing trend of advertising is leaning heavily on the internet. Advertising products and services through the internet are more effective and efficient for surely, it saves one a lot of time. Advertisements are immediately published which is not restricted by time or any geographical boundaries thus reaching global consumers at large. It has brought business to the finger tips by which a product can be viewed, liked, order placed and even paid for it online.

Moreover, online advertising gives the advertiser the scope to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement as well. The advertiser can have a sound knowledge of how many times the advertisement given by him is clicked and how many visitors are coming to the site and even making a purchase through online. Moreover, big names like Google and Yahoo have taken advertising through the internet to a different pedestal. By charging advertisers for the clicks rather than the impressions, they have successfully attracted the advertisers towards their pay- for performance model.

Online advertising medium is crucial for it enables consumers to directly come in contact with the advertisement. A consumer can click with his or her mouse on the advertisement for more information, giving advertisers the opportunity to precisely target an audience, enabling them to deliver advertisements that are customized to each user’s particular interest and taste.

Like other advertising media, online advertising frequently involve both a publisher who integrates advertisement into it online content, and advertisers, who provides the advertisement to be displayed on the publishers content. It is aimed at promoting product to the consumer through promotion space online with high numbers of unique users visiting the pages each day.

 Product preference is a desire to use a particular company’s product or services even when there are equally – priced and equally – available alternative. In fact, more often than not, product preference indicates a desire to seek out a specific product or services even when it requires paying more or expending more effort to obtain it. Product preference provides an indicator of customer’s loyalty, the success of their marketing tactics and the strength of their respective products.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The social media platform is majorly an avenue for meeting old friends and making new friends, for charting and at times discussing issues. But over the years, the social media was discovered to be a better medium of advertising products and services with the view to motivate social media users to prefer advertised products to other competing products in the market; on the other hand, online users pay less attention to advertising that comes their way online.

Some past studies found that online advertising influence purchase power of consumers, others found that online advertising influence consumer attitude, but none has touched how online advertising influence the product preference of consumers, this is what this study stand to achieve.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

1. To know the level of exposure of tertiary institution students in Kogi state to online advertising.

2. To find out the influence of online advertising on product preference amongst selected tertiary institutions in Kogi state.

3. To ascertain the attitudes of tertiary students in Kogi state towards online advertising.

4. To know possible inhibitions encountered by students in patronizing products advertised online.

Research Questions

1.      What is the level of exposure of students of tertiary institutions in Kogi state to online advertisement?

2.      How does online advertising influence product preference of students in Kogi state?

3.      What is the attitude of students of tertiary institutions towards online advertisements?

4.      What are the possible inhibitions faced by students of tertiary institutions in patronizing products advertised online?

1.5 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study is geographically limited to Kogi State. It is hence limited to a selected number of tertiary institutions in Kogi State which includes Kogi State University Anyigba, Kogi State College of education Ankpa and Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja. Online advertising is limited to all forms of advertising on social media platform.

1.6 Significance of the study

The findings of this study would be of benefit to: Business operators, Advertisers, Ministry of commerce, the Media, Students and Citizens of Kogi State.

The study is of benefit to business operators as it would create awareness of the importance of online advertising on the sale of their products.

The findings are also a benefit to advertisers as they would have a broader understanding of how internet advertising influences the sale of their goods online and their possible inhabitants.

The findings of this study would also be of benefit to the Ministry of Commerce and Information. It will give them insights on the benefit of online advertising on the sale of their goods. It will also assist them on how to organize training programmes for proprietors of small scale business.

The study would also be of immense benefit to media organization as the knowledge gained from the findings would help them to be innovative in their various approaches to online advertising designs.

The study will benefit to the management of higher institution in Kogi State as it will unveil ways to better promote their products online with off line rewards.

It is of benefit to students as it provide liable information on various concepts related to online advertising.

Finally, it is significant contribution to the existing body of literature in the discipline.

1.7 Definition of terms

Influence: Influences the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effect on the actions, behaviour, opinions, etc. of others. It is the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen.

Advertising: Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of goods services or ideas by an identified sponsor, targeted at a large and heterogeneous audience.

Product:  Product is any tangible or intangible good or service that is a result of a process and that is intended for delivery to a customer or end user. It is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.

Product preference: product preference is the major of product loyalty in which a consumer will choose a particular product in presence of competing product but will accept substitute if that product is not available.

Online Advertising: It is also called online marketing which is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. It is used in this study interchangeably with internet advertising to mean the same thing except where it is otherwise stated.

Kogi State: this is a state in the central region of Nigeria. It is popularly called the confluence state; it is the only state in Nigeria which shares a boundary with ten other states.



Chan, A.S., Anne, R., Jon, E.W and Stevens, R. (2004).The Efficacy of Pop-Ups and       the Resulting Effect on Brands, White Paper byBunny foot Universality, Jan1,     retrieved on 11th May http://www.bunnyfoot.com/bunnyfoot_popup.pdf.(2004)


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Zain, U.A. and Salman, S (2000).Effective Advertising and its Influence on consumer      buying behaviour.European Journal of Business and Management.3(3).      retrieved on 11th          may2016, from www.iiste.orgs

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