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Causes of students poor performance in Geography within senior secondary schools

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 Mar 12, 2020 |  10:07 am |  1285


The study set out to investigate the causes of students poor performances in Senior Secondary Schools Geography in Somolu Local Government. A total of hundred (100) geography students randomly selected from all the public and private schools in Somolu Local Government Area, of Lagos were involved in the study. To provide a basis for conclusion, four research questions were drawn namely: What are methods used by the geography teachers?  What are the effects of teachers towards students academic performance?   How prepared are the students to learn?  What are the factors that affect students performance in Senior Secondary School geography?  To answer the above research questions, a self-constructed questionnaire was designed to collect data. The data collected were analyzed with the mean and standard deviation using software package for social science (SPSS) version 21. The researcher found out that students strongly agree that poor methodology by the geography teacher could cause poor academic performance in school,geography students develop low attitude to the subject in school,there should be provision of adequate and educational qualified Geography teachers in the schools,there should be adequate time allocation to Geography in school. In conclusion, all concerned stakeholders such as teachers, head teachers, principals, researchers, state government, federal government etc. should endeavor to look into the causes of students poor performances in senior secondary school geography so as to accomplish the stated objectives stipulated for secondary education in Nigeria. 

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